Tuesday, January 06, 2009

El Cami-NO: Pontiac kills the G8 ST

According to Jalopnik, GM has pulled the plug on the Pontiac G8 ST, ending the ridiculous saga that began with the neo-Camino's unveiling at the New York Auto Show last year. GM made an official Very Big Deal over the Poncho-fied Holden Ute, going so far as to heavily promote an online naming contest for it. That turned into a joke when, after all was said and done, GM made the momentous announcement that the car's name would change from Pontiac G8 ST to... Pontiac G8 ST. Money well spent, indeed. This brings us to today's conclusion, which became inevitable the moment Rick Wagoner headed to Washington with his pockets turned inside-out. The General has reportedly informed Pontiac dealers that the G8 ST is now the G8 DOA. But hey, at least the G3's still on track.

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