Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tesla Motors To Unveil EV Sports Car in July

Tesla Motors is set to unveil its Tesla Roadster electrical vehicle on July 16 in Santa Monica.

No hybrid powertrain. No gas tank. No emissions.

You simply plug it into the wall overnight and the next day you've got a range of 250 miles.

Oh, did I mention that it'll make the run from 0-60 in 4 seconds? Talk about a departure from the EV norm.

Instead of settling for a weird-looking little tool that simply gets drivers from point A to point B, Tesla's engineers have decided to take all the "green" benefits of an EV and package it in a true driver's car. Unfortunately, while pricing hasn't been discussed yet, Tesla did tell CNET that the car won't be cheap.

No images of or technical information about the Roadster have been released to date, but the 0-60 time is a good tease that's going to leave enthusiasts wanting for more. If the car looks good and is a true performer, the conventional wisdom regarding the appeal and capabilities of EVs is going to start changing for the better.

Stay tuned.

Source: CNET