Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nevada Photog Discovers Baddest '86 Daytona Ever

Photo: Ballen Photo

Bruce is a Las Vegas-based photographer who regularly posts at the forums under the handle "Ballen Photo." A car enthusiast, he attended a show in his area last week and came upon the remarkable whip pictured above. Once upon a time, it was a garden-variety 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo. All that's over now, though.

You see, the car's owner, Dave, is a master craftsman and fabricator, and he obviously decided that the factory setup simply wouldn't do. So he redid the whole car.


In his garage.

Long gone is the factory powertrain. A look under the forward-tilting hood reveals a 440 Six-Pack with dual quads (another upgrade by the owner). I have to imagine that mashing the loud pedal in this puppy is akin to making the jump to Hyperspace. Fittingly, entry to the driver's seat looks like it can be gained via a funny-car style tilting body. Unlike a funny car, however, this Daytona is street legal. I'm sure many a Civic Si driver with delusions of grandeur has been left questioning his self-worth after tangling with the superpowered Dodge.

The quality of workmanship really has to be seen to be believed. Head over to Bruce's thread at to see photos of the engine, interior and detail shots of the heavily modified architecture. You won't be disappointed.

Special thanks to Bruce for allowing the use of his photo.

Source: Thread - Did you say a 1986 "Tiltona"?