Thursday, June 08, 2006

Murano GT-C Concept, 350Z GT-S Concept to Highlight Nissan Booth At Goodwood

Nissan Murano GT-C Concept

Nissan is planning to make a big splash at next month's Goodwood Festival of Speed, with two new attention-grabbing concepts and two factory racecars making the charge up the Goodwood circuit.

The Murano GT-C concept will be of great interest to everyone at the event. Black paint, blacked-out trim, 22" five-spoke wheels and a rooftop spoiler highlight the exterior mods. Inside, the car's cabin has been restyled to be what the automaker calls "classic with a modern slant." Of most interest to the enthusiasts at Goodwood, however, will be the changes made under the hood.

Turbocharging boosts the Murano's outpoot to 350 horsepower. The factory CVT and 4-wheel-drive systems remain in place, and the suspension has been retuned to have sportier edge.

Joining the Murano GT-C will be the 350Z GT-S Concept. Modified by Nissan's Cranfield Technical Centre, the GT-S gets a 380-horse supercharged V6, new bodywork and wheels, and upgraded brakes and suspension. The interior will also be modded, but details have not yet been released on those changes. The 350Z GT-S won't just sit in the Supercar Paddock and look pretty, either: it is going to make the hill climb along with the rest of the assembled supercars, classics, and racers.

Nissan GB will gauge reaction to the two concepts to see if there are markets for production versions.

2004 Nissan 350Z Super GT Car

Finally, Nissan will run two of its well-known racers up the Goodwood hill: the 2004 350Z from Japan's Super GT series and the 1999 Primera BTCC touring car.

Source: Nissan Great Britain