Monday, May 08, 2006

New Chevy Kodiak Makes Excessive Gas Consumption A Cinch

Yes, it's ridiculous. You know you want it.

Never mind the oddly proportioned International CXT. GM brings you the same functionality in a cooler package with the Chevy Kodiak and it's GMC TopKick sister ship.

And now, by teaming with Monroe Truck Equipment, Cinch Jeans (what the...) and rodeo champ Britt Bockius (don't ask me...), the General brings us to the bleeding edge of excessive truck technology. This special edition Kodiak gets GM's So Low suspension, interior upgrades that include DVD, deafening MTX speakers, and distressed leather seats featuring the Cinch Jeans logo embroidered on them. A rear window "Cinch*UP" decal is also standard, which I guess is totally cool if you, unlike me, know what Cinch jeans are.

Britt Bockius will apparently drive his personal Cinch Edition Kodiak to events this year, and fans who have enough money to buy one of these monsters can order a Bockius decal package to further enhance the look of their truck. Towing capacity is 8 tons. Pickup bed capacity is two and a half tons. If this thing is not sufficient to address your hauling needs, well, you're pretty much hosed.

Read the press release here.

Source, Photos: GM