Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mini Cooper By DIESEL Created For Charity

2006 Life Ball Mini Cooper Convertible by DIESEL

Last Saturday in Vienna, the annual Life Ball gala benefit raised over $1.2 million for Austrian and American AIDS charities.

Each year, Life Ball brings in a particular fashion design house to do a runway show especially for the event. In conjunction, Mini provides the designer with a car for them to customize and display at their fashion show. This year's selected designer was jeans maker, DIESEL. Its founder, Renzo Rosso, used the little car as a canvas on which to portray his company's "passion for treatments and vintage feel."

The result is an interesting one-off Mini Cooper Convertible.

Copper trim and a denim roof make the Mini by DIESEL stand out.

All the exterior metallic trim pieces (wheels included) are now the same copper color as the rivets you'd find on a pair of DIESEL jeans. The car is painted in a creamy off-white and is made to look like it's faded in spots. Simulated stitching runs along the edges of every body panel, and the convertible top has been redone in denim, complete with back pockets on either side of the rear glass. Finally, the soft top gets dual racing stripes (an option I'm sure regular Mini owners would like to see made available to them).

On the inside, very rich-looking tan leather covers the seats and portions of the dash. The headrests are embossed with DIESEL logos, and as was the case with the outside of the car, all the interior metallic trim receives the copper rivet treatment.

Surprisingly, the whole thing works. I was not expecting a weathered-looking Mini with a blue jean roof to be appealing. it is.

Interior, with its copper trim and beautiful leather, is a nice place to be.

If you think the DIESEL-themed Mini is something you'd like in your garage, you have a shot at getting it. The car will be auctioned on eBay from June 20 to June 30. All proceeds will benefit the Life Ball charities. Be ready to pony up a goodly sum of cash, though. last year's designer Mini, a black Cooper Convertible by Donatella Versace (pictured at right), sold for over $150,000 US.

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Source, Photos: BMW
Hat Tip: Motorpasion