Friday, May 26, 2006

Mazda Provides LAFD With Tribute Hybrids

The LAFD has received five Mazda Tribute Hybrid prototypes.

Mazda North American Operations has donated five 4WD Tribute Hybrid SUV prototypes to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Each vehicle sports the LAFD badge on the front doors and will be used primarily for support and non-emergency duties. On loan for two years, the LAFD Tributes give Mazda some nice rolling publicity for the upcoming Tribute Hybrid while helping LAFD cut down on some operating costs through the use of the economical SUVs.

Mazda will also be collecting feedback from the department on the trucks' performance. This fire department loan program is not limited to Los Angeles, either. All told, Mazda will lend out 30 Tribute Hybrids to FDs in different areas of Southern California.

Source: Mazda via PRNewswire
Photo: LAFD News & Information Blog