Monday, May 15, 2006

Lotus Esprit from For Your Eyes Only Expected to Fetch Big Bucks at Auction

Want it? Bidding starts at $250,000.

The Lotus Esprit Turbo driven by Roger Moore in For Your Eyes Only is being offered up for auction by Julien's on June 17, 2006. One of two Esprits used in the film, it is also acknowledged as being the prototype for the limited-run Essex Turbo Esprit cars.

Bidding on the copper-colored Lotus opens at $250,000. Its film role and prototype status have some speculating that it could bring another $100,000 on top of that. The suite of photos published with its eBay listing show that at around 26 years old, the car is showing its age. The interior's well-worn, and the Lotus badge on the steering wheel is shattered, leaving behind an unsightly hole.

The auction description contains an interesting tidbit of info: Both cars provided by Lotus were painted white (that's the color you see in the film's opening sequence). Later, when the production moved to Alpine locations, the white car didn't look good on film against the snowy backgrounds. It was sent back to Lotus and repainted in the darker color it still wears today. The custom ski racks fitted for those snow sequences are also included.

If you ever wanted your own James Bond Lotus Esprit, this is your chance. While it isn't my personal favorite Bond Lotus (that would be the one that turns into a minisub in The Spy Who Loved Me), it's still an interesting piece of automotive and movie history.

Despite its age and visible flaws, the unique nature of the car all but guarantees a boffo selling price.

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Source: Bloomberg
Photo courtesy of Lotus