Friday, May 12, 2006

Le Surf, It Is Up! Citroën C-Buggy Concept Bows In Madrid

Citroën C-Buggy Concept

Today, Citroen released images of the surprisingly cool C-Buggy concept car, which will make its public debut later this month at the Madrid Auto Show.

A rough-and-tumble two-seater, the C-Buggy looks like a beach-ready cross between the Lotus 340R and Nissan Urge. Like those two sports cars, the little Citroën has open bodywork on its flanks, and it even shares the Urge's yellow and silver color scheme.

The chunky front end features mesh grillework, a visible skidplate, and nicely-styled headlamps. Lack of a windscreen adds a speedster-like dimension to the overall package, and well-integrated rollbars hover over the racing-style seats. The requisite big wheels and tires cap things off (though those performance tires don't look very off-roady to me).

The C-Buggy is a showcase for the automaker's new engine and powertrain technologies that also premiere in Madrid. Power comes from the new 173-horsepower HDi (High-pressure Direct Injection) twin-turbo diesel that will be featured in the C5, and shift duties are handled by a new 6-speed electro-hydraulic unit that will be available on the C4.

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Source, Photos: Citroën