Monday, May 22, 2006

Custom 1970 Superbird Convertible on eBay

It's safe to say no one else at cruise night will have one...

The 1970 Plymouth Superbird is one badass machine. How could you make it better? Why, you make a convertible, of course. The ragtop Superbird shown above is up for grabs at eBay. It's orange over white with the thundering 440 Six-Pack underhood and all the long-nosed, high-winged goodness you'd expect. As I write this, the bidding is over $60,000 and the reserve has not yet been met.

The seller's got a ton of additional pictures posted, so head over there and have a look. No detail was given on what the donor car for this creation was. Bummer. The build story would have been an interesting read.

As oddities go, I have to rank this one pretty highly on the NoonzWantsOne-O-Meter.

Source: eBay