Thursday, May 18, 2006

CO Police Unearth Auto Graveyard. Literally.

Little Dead Corvette: Stripped 'Vette is one of two stolen cars exhumed by police.

Acting on info given to them by a tipster, Denver-area sheriff's deputies headed out to a mostly uninhabited spot in Greeley, CO and started digging. They were looking for stolen goods, but I've got to believe that the lawmen never expected to find what they did.

Once the digging was complete, a dirt-filled and stripped C5 Corvette had been pulled out of the ground. Joining the 'Vette in dirt-naptitude was a Mercury Mountaineer in similar condition and a large generator that the thieves had thoughtfully pre-mounted on a trailer. Perhaps they were planning to document the Mountaineer's underground towing capacity.

Authorities have now broken out the metal detectors and are combing the area to see if there are any more automotive surprises lurking underground.

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