Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Antara Bonanza Continues: 2008 Opel Antara Photos and Details Revealed

2008 Opel Antara. From where I sit, the Vue's pretty good....

In addition to the skinny on the Vauxhall Antara, GM's big European player, Opel, released additional photos and details of their version of the truck.

Unsurprisingly, the Opel Antara looks exactly like it's Vauxhall sibling, albeit with a different grille treatment and the steering wheel on the left-hand side. Where it differs, however, is in the engine department.

The Opel Antara gets three engine choices at launch: the 2.0L diesel and 2.4L gas four-cylinders mentioned in the Vauxhall release, and a top-of-the-line 3.2L gasoline V6, which pumps out 224 horses. In contrast, the Vauxhall gets only the diesel at launch, with the 2.4L as a follow-on at a later date. There was no mention of the V6 in Vauxhall's release this morning.

The unbelievably rich-looking Morocco Brown leather reappears.
Interior quality looks to be up to the "new GM" standard, which is good.

Like it's corporate sibling, the Opel gets the all-new, well-laid-out interior treatment. DVD nav and Bluetooth headline the list of optional equipment. Of interest to North American fans of Saturn is the presence of the uber-cool Morocco Brown leather seats in the above photo. Look for those to make it into the Vue (the Aura got 'em, so why not?), but not that manual tranny. With any luck, the General will see fit to mate the new 6-speed auto to the Vue's V6 (and based on this Autoblog report, that sounds increasingly likely).

As an aside, the Antara/Vue is so nice that I wonder if GM will ultimately bring over the Chevy Captiva version of the car and badge it as a new Equinox. In doing so, they would risk unnecessarily poaching Vue salesm but it's different-looking enough that it could possibly work. After all, Sky and Solstice seem to coexist just fine. Just speculation on my part...

The Opel's unveiling is timed to coincide with the opening of GM's new European Design Center in Rüsselsheim, Germany, where it's on display. Like the Vauxhall, the '08 Opel Antara will make its world debut at the Paris Auto Show in September.

Sloping roofline is sporty, yet unpainted bumper & skidplate suggest ruggedness.

Rear bumper gets a pointed middle like the Caddy CTS.

Read the Press Release.

CONFIRMED! GM Releases Official Shots, First Details of 2008 Vauxhall Antara

Source, Photos: GM/Opel