Friday, April 28, 2006

"Yes!" Cadillac BLS Charity Tour Gets Underway

2007 Cadillac BLS

The car companies love to get celebrities for their new car launches. For example, this year in Detroit, DaimlerChrysler had Law & Order babe Angie Harmon in the building to launch the Jeep Compass. A couple of weeks ago in New York, they had the gratuitiously hot Eva Mendes on hand for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited premiere.

Sexist though it may be, combining women and cars seems like a pretty effective combo. If you don't believe me, I would advise that you inspect the bedroom walls of the average teenage male.

So you'll understand why I'm a bit perplexed by Cadillac's celebrity choice to launch the promo tour for the new Europe-only BLS.

Keira Knightly? No.

Kate Beckinsale? You wish.

The celebrity Cadillac Europe chose to kick off the BLS charity promo tour was Rick Wakeman, the longtime keyboardist for Yes and wearer of incredibly pimptastic fur coats back in the day.

Wakeman, you see, supports SPARKS, a UK charity that raises money to research children's medical issues. SPARKS and Caddy are teaming up to bring the BLS sedan on two-week nationwide tour where they will be showing off the car and raising money for the charity at the same time.

First stop on the tour was the London Golf Show, which opened this week. Rick Wakeman was there:

Rick Wakeman tees off at the SPARKS/BLS tour launch in London.

Source: Cadillac Europe via Newspress UK
Photos: General Motors, Rick Wakeman/A&M Records