Monday, April 10, 2006

Saturn Aura: Leaked Ad Image Hits Internet

Cheers & Gears has posted ad images (click the C&G link, then scroll down) of the production 2007 Saturn Aura and Sky Red line in their forums. Reaction from the folks over there has been less than enthusiastic, as the production car tones down the look introduced on the Aura Concept.

I'll say this: based on the leaked image, the Aura still looks good overall. It just isn't as impressive as the concept, which really isn't all that surprising. It's not often that everything seen on a show car makes it to production. Plus, as many commenters at C&G point out, there's still room to bring the concept's aggressiveness back if (or more likely, when) Saturn does Red Line version of the Aura.

At 11:25 AM on Wednesday, Saturn hosts its New York Auto Show press conference, at which the car will be officially unveiled. Let's see how it looks in person, inside and out, before passing judgement.