Monday, April 03, 2006

Pontiac G6 GXP Coupe Show Car Revealed

Pontiac has released images of the G6 GXP coupe show car that will get its official unveiling next week at the New York International Auto Show. In remarks I made earlier, I stated that Pontiac should give the GXP treatment to the sedan or the convertible.

Having seen what they've done, I take it back.

This GXP coupe takes all the blandness of the standard G6 coupe and tosses it right out the window. The new front fascia with its low chin spoiler, integrated fog lights and oversized dual grille gives the car the kind of menacing presence that makes one wonder what GTO sales might have been if similar attention had been paid to it from the beginning. This GXP looks like it'd feel right at home lining up at a stoplight next to a Nizzan Z or Infiniti coupe.

Around back, the unique "hammerhead" spoiler looks good and lends an appropriately racy appearance to what should be a very competent sports coupe. The chromed exhaust tips are separated by a rear diffuser, another styling cue that indicates performance. GXP-specific 19-inch wheels and a lowered suspension complete the look.

On the inside, the already attractive G6 interior gets red accents to indicate the GXP trim level. Power, as previously announced, comes from a 3.9L 270-horsepower V6. If the car makes it into production, expect the aftermarket to help customers get that number to 300 or better.

For 2007, Pontiac loses the GTO. The brand's performance icon, the Firebird, is a distant memory that has no hope of returning until the redesigned Camaro arrives. The division's only true performance car offering in the near term is the Solstice GXP, and those will be hard to come by.

That leaves the G6 GXP, which is still technically a "concept."

It's good-looking.
It's sporty.
It's a Pontiac.

Build it.

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All photos courtesy of GM