Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Camaro On The Move

Last Wednesday, I was walking across the NY Auto Show floor when, to my surprise, I saw the Camaro Concept in front of me.

With the engine running.

Hearing it rumble makes you want to reserve one. Like, yesterday.

Even though it's only a concept vehicle (for now), Camaro makes all the right noises. The idle was a guttural rumble that made me want to hear what it sounded like under real acceleration. One guy next to me wondered aloud how much money it'd take to have the driver "light 'em up."

A moment later, the driver put the car in gear and started on a low-speed journey through the Jacob Javits Center. It pulled a bunch of us behind it like some sheetmetal-clad pied piper.

We followed it out of the GM area, through the Mini display , and around a corner to the SEMA stand, where it was parked and covered in preparation for that afternoon's press conference. Two other cars, the '07 Shelby GT500 and the Challenger Concept, were there already, hidden under covers of their own.

"Let's Motor? Come get some, bitches."

The Camaro never exceeded a speed of around 5mph on its little jaunt through Javits.

Even the ladder was intimidated.

No matter. That didn't make seeing the car in motion any less thrilling. It's not just some Faberge egg on a well-lit turntable. It's a runner, and a mean one at that.

Judge for yourself. I shot this brief Quicktime video using my little Nikon digital camera. Sadly, it doesn't record audio...

Photos/Video: Alex Nunez
Header photo courtesy of GM