Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Audi To Unveil New TT Thursday

Correction: The original text of this post indicated, incorrectly, a date of Wednesday for the unveiling. The body has been corrected to reflect the proper Thursday 4/6 date. NoonzWheels apologizes to readers for the confusion.

On April 6, Audi AG will officially pull the wraps off of the completely redesigned 2007 Audi TT as part of a dramatic ceremony at Berlin's Brandenburg gate.

Audi is a partner in a government-sponsored project called "Germany - Land of Ideas," which celebrates German inventiveness. Tomorrow, after the unveiling of a series of sculptures called the "Walk of Ideas" (one of which will represent the country's auto industry), Audi will cap things with the world premiere of the new TT, the company's latest piece of rolling art.

We've all seen the spy shots and the digitally enhanced interpretations of such. Now, we finally get to see the finished product. It will be interesting to see how well the company's new corporate face integrates with the slinky TT. Based on the preview we got with the Shooting Brake Concept (pictured at right), I think it'll work out just fine.

The ceremonies are scheduled to begin at 11:30 AM ET and will be broadcast around the world via satellite. Look for images and video of the TT unveiling to hit the web sometime Thursday afternoon.

NoonzWheels will post specs and pictures of the new TT as soon as Audi makes them available to the media.

Press Release:

INGOLSTADT, Germany - AUDI AG is an official partner of an important national initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas“, which is sponsored by the German government, commerce and industry under the patronage of the German President.

Part of this program is called the “Walk of Ideas“. Six larger-than-life sculptures will represent German inventiveness, with an Automobile Sculpture symbolising the achievements of the German automotive industry.

The celebratory unveiling of the sculpture will take place in front of important politicians and world-renowned sports people at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and will also be transmitted by satellite. Following this unveiling, Audi will stage the world premiere of the new TT Coupé. After the live transmission has ended, pre-recorded footage of the second generation of this cult car will be sent via satellite.

(Remainder of release is satellite feed info.)
Images courtesy of Audi AG.