Wednesday, April 26, 2006

38mpg Lexus IS220d Sport Makes UK Debut

2006 Lexus IS220d Sport

Sport tuning.
18" rims.
38mpg combined city/hwy.

UK-based Lexus aficionados get all those things in the just-released IS220d Sport.

The sport arrives in the wake of the already-available IS220d, and shares that car's 2.2-liter CRD (Common Rail Diesel) four cylinder. Power and torque from the oil-burner are 177bhp and 195 lb-ft respectively. In addition to the suspension mods and wheel/tire package, the 220d Sport gets a rear axle ratio of 3.20 (versus the 2.47 of the regular IS220d) and VDIM* as standard equipment. According to Lexus, these changes make the driving experience more involved and rewarding.

Winding through the 6-speed manual gets you to 62 mph in just under 9 seconds and an eventual top speed of 134 mph. That's not blinding performance, but when you combine it with fuel economy ratings of 29 mpg in town and 45 mpg on the highway, it makes for a pretty attractive overall package.

It doesn't come cheap, though.

The IS220d Sport starts at £26,925. That translates to over $48,000 at the current exchange rate. In the US, that will get you into a fully loaded IS350 with thousands left over. Is it as stingy on fuel consumption? No way. But it will blow the doors off most cars in its class, which is totally fun.

*VDIM - Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management

Source: Lexus via Newspress UK