Friday, March 10, 2006

Jeep To The Rescue!

The following quote can be found in the promotional copy for the Land Rover LR3 at the company's US website:
"It's unlikely that any vehicle anywhere has had to prove itself quite so comprehensively, as master of wading rivers, climbing sand dunes, crossing frozen lakes, and yet able to charge around race circuits and high-speed test tracks."
–Steve Haywood, Chief Program Engineer
Note that the quote does not state that the LR3 is the master of navigating muddy trails in Bulgaria, because it appears that those are still problematic, as Land Rover found out at an off-road event where one of their LR3s became mired.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you work for Land Rover's PR department), DaimlerChrysler had a Jeep Grand Cherokee entered in the event as well. The Jeep guys helped out their friends from Land Rover by pulling them out, and they recorded the event for posterity:

On this day, at least, Trail Rated trumped The True Sport Utility.

Photo courtesy of DaimlerChrysler.