Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rockers' Cars At Barrett-Jackson

Several cars connected to rock musicians crossed the block at Barrett-Jackson today.

The most historically significant had to be Elvis Presley's 1960 Lincoln Mark V Limousine. The car came fully documented, from the power-of-attorney letter that authorized its purchase on Elvis' behalf (he was serving in the Army overseas at the time), to the application for title, along with every other concievable piece of paperwork needed to prove that it was, in fact, the King's car. It was customized by the same builders who did the Lincoln that JFK was assassinated in. Very impressive car, and made all the more important because of it's link to Elvis Presley. It sold for $556,200.

The coolest rocker's car sold had to be Alice Cooper's 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Custom Coupe. Cooper is a Phoenix-area local and a huge car guy. During the telecast he confirmed that he did, in fact, drive this car fairly regularly. Low and sleek, with its chopped roof and gunslit windows, this may have been the slickest-looking custom to appear today. The car 's paint scheme matches the album art on Cooper's 2005 Dirty Diamonds CD. It brought $248,400.

Van Halen was also well-represented at Barrett-Jackson, with several cars belonging to Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar up for grabs. Sammy put up his 1967 Shelby GT500, a car he has owned since 1989. When he joined Greg Jackson up on the podium, Sammy said that since he bought three new cars last year, he needed to free up room. The Shelby Mustang, with it's 500HP, had apparently become too much for Mr. I-Can't-Drive-55, who stated, frankly, "I'm getting too old for this car!" Included with the GT500 were a personally signed guitar and a case of Hagar's Cabo Wabo tequila (also signed). Hmm, a case of tequila and a 500HP automobile...that could get interesting in a hurry. It sold for $270,000.

Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony is a partner in the Bonspeed customization/tuning house, which had five cars in the auction. My favorite of the Bonspeed cars was this 2002 Saleen/Bonspeed Ford Thunderbird Concept. The partnership between Saleen and Bonspeed was supposed to spawn a production run of these cars, but that idea was scrapped when Ford announced that the then-new T-Bird would be a limited-production model. The silver example at Barrett-Jackson is the only one of it's kind. it sold for $70,200. Not a bad deal for a one-off Saleen T-Bird.

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